TPA Resources

Amendment to TPA Agreement to discontinue TPA compensation

Reporting New Rollovers

Administrative Tasks

  • Updating Employee Information: Instructions for providing updated employee information via CensusPro™.
  • Confirming IRA Status: Instructions for verifying that an IRA account has been properly established and funded.
  • Downloading Reports via sftp: Instructions for downloading your monthly reports via our secure ftp portal.
  • Sample Plan Sponsor Agreement: An example of the document that you will provide to your Plan Sponsor clients to enroll them into the AutoRollovers service.
  • IRA Accountholder Agreement: The IRA Disclosure and Custodial Agreement, as referenced in the Plan Sponsor Agreement. This document describes the terms of the IRA, which are enforceable by the accountholder.
  • Sample Participant Disclosure Language: This language is provided as an example of disclosure that should be incorporated into your distribution paperwork.
  • Sample SMM: Sample Summary of Material Modifications for your reference, should it be needed.